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Let's Get To Know More About Keyakizaka46 Hirate Yurina

If we talk about Keyakizaka46 Hirate Yurina (平手 友梨奈),

We will talk about a cheerful and lively girl like what we see in TV show, radio or any other live performance.


Do you know that?

Techi is the second shyest person after Suzumoto Miyu in this group.

On the other hand,

Some fans on the internet also talk about this.

They are wondering why there is no Yurina Hirate pics with the other member especially Hiragana keyaki46 members.

In the other word,

Why hiragana member do not have selfies (except Nagahama Neru) with Techi?

Are the member of Kanji and Hiragana have trouble in getting along together?

In fact,

I will say that;

The relationship between Kanji and Hiragana is a bit complicated.

I remember in one of the interview,

Takahiro-san (Keyakizaka46 dance choreographer) said that all Kanji member is basically shy girl.


It reminds me in one of Keyakizaka46 Hirate Yurina radio show called "Keyakizaka46 Kochira Yurakucho Hoshizora Housoukyoku",

One of those episodes is talking about Hiragana Keyakizaka46

In that show, Techi said that;

She is just a shy girl and not good in communicating with others,


Techi also mentioned that,

She only meet with Hiragana members at the rehearsal.

So that

When Techi meet the Hiragana member,

They will line up and greet formally like when relatives meet the newlywed. Lol


This is just my own opinion


Hiragana Members is a bit hesitant to ask selfie with Techi,


You know..

I mean,

Techi is the center of keyakizaka46,

She has this cool and powerful aura


She is the senpai who shine so bright,

A very big star.

If only,

I am a member of Hiragana Keyakizaka46.

I would also be reluctant to took pic or selfie with her,

I do not even have

The courage to speak with her,

I will just looking at her from far away.

After all,

Let just hope that she can get along eventually with everyone.


Move on to the next topic

Another interesting things about her is..

Hirate Yurina brother


We should also talk about her brother.

Because her brother and her family plays the biggest role to make Techi becomes like what she is now.

Just like i said in my previous post about,

Techi and her brother are so close,

Her brother often scolded her because of her short hair,


Techi is working so hard to grow her hair by regularly eat some seaweed. Lol


In the other interview, she also said that;

She sent her brother a photo that she took with her friends


Her brother compliment her by saying that she become more idolish.

She is so happy when her brother said that.


She also said that;

Her mouth is small, and wondering that it will be cuter if her mouth is bigger.


She is really working hard on that,

She always stretch her cheeks to make her mouth bigger. Lol


Techi will always be Techi,

She always work so hard.

By the way,

Do you know?

Where is the "Techi" name come from?

It has come from,

Yurina Hirate-chan,

The last word is "Te-chan"


It becomes "Te-chi",


The word "chan" in Japanese language is spelled with "chi" and "yan".


Some other member also call her "Techiko."

The word "ko" in Japanese means "child"


It is very common nickname at the end of girls' names in japan. (cmiw)


In my previous post,

I also said that

Her voice is very mature for her age


I suggest you to listen some of Hirate Yurina songs like "Yamanotesen", "Shibuya Kara PARCO Ga Kieta Hi", and "Jibun No Kitsugi".

By the way,

Talking about

"Shibuya Kara PARCO Ga Kieta Hi"

You should also watch the MV for this one.


There is some controversy between the fans about this songs and MV.

In fact

There are two thing that most fans concern about it,

The first one is that they want more members featured in a song and MV rather than Hirate Yurina,

Since she already getting so many songs;


The second one is that fans do not like the old-fashioned music-style and do not like the MV.

I just do not know why they do not like it.


Because the lyrics is talking about department store. Lol


If you want to know the meaning of the lyrics just google it


For me it is nice MV and the song is good.



It is a bit old style,


What is wrong with that?

Music is timeless,


I still listen to the old Japanese song.

Let us move into another topic,

Besides, check Hirate Yurina songs,

You should also check

Hirate Yurina blog

Her blog is really interesting to follow.

Event hough,

Hirate Yurina is rarely update her blog, maybe just once every two week.


It is so different with Kobayashi Yui, Imaizumi Yui and Uemura Rina,

They actively update their blog almost every day.

In fact,

She is really busy with her group and individual work


She is just an ordinary high school student like Kakizaki Memi and Kageyama Yuuka,



Writing blog is a bit difficult for high-school student.


You can see how tired she is from her puffy eyes in the photo that she upload,

Those eyes said that she is very busy and tired.

She need rest, she has been push so hard.


For me,

I just like it the way she update her blog post,

She rarely update it.


Once she update her blog,

It is so amazing.

Her post is long, added with a great pics and full of trivia.

That is Techi style, lol.


There is also this interesting thing in her blog post.

In one of her blog post, she ask her follower about her hair.

Recently her hair is grow a bit long,


I guess, 

She starting to like it.


It is very different with Nagahama Neru

Neru once said that she want to cut her hair short like Techi,

On the other hand,

Techi want to let her hair grow.

Both of them are hesitant


We know that

Longer hair is part of Neru look


Short hair is definitely part of the Hirate look


For me,

Both of them are pretty with any kind of hairstyle


I like both of them. Lol

By the way

Thank you for visiting this ugly blog..


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