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Who Is Your Favorite Keyakizaka46 Members (Kanji and Hiragana Keyaki46)?

Keyakizaka46 (欅坂46) is Japanese idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto, the same person who produce AKB48 and 48G.

This Japanese idol group was created on August 21, 2015 as Nogizaka46's first sister group.

This 46Groups itself (including Nogizaka) was labelled as an "official rival" for 48Groups,


If you look carefully at the Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 logo..
There are triangle shape on it and if you measure it the triangle are 46 degree.

The philosophy behind this "46" number is that even though it is smaller than "48" but it will not lose.

You will not lose to your rival, will you?


You can find lots of information about this group from all over the internet, like on Keyakizaka46 Wiki, and Keyakizaka46 Generasia.


Everything i write here in this blog will be very different from all of those sites,

It based on my own experience following this group since their debut.

Just like their sister group and rival, they also have a lot of member.

The total of Keyakizaka46 members are 32 member (2017) including their Hiragana Keyaki46.


If you are new to this group..

This group is divided into 2 different unit, that is the main unit itself (1st generation) called "欅坂46" and a groups of under (2nd generation) called "けやき坂46".

Both of the words have the same pronunciation; the different is only in the writing.

The first one using Japanese kanji word and the second using hiragana.


Between all of those members, here are my top 5 most favorite Keyakizaka46 members;

1. Nagahama Neru (長濱ねる)


Keyakizaka46 Neru Nagahama also called "Neru" (ねる) is my number one favorite member.

I love mostly everything about her,

her face, her smile, her personality, she is so adorable.


Neru is the only member with double position in this group, she is a member of Kanji and also Hiragana Keyaki at the same time.

(*New update on October 2017 - Neru is now full Kanji Keyakizaka46 member, no double position anymore.)

Have you ever heard..

About Keyakizaka46 scandal involving Nagahama Neru?

For me,

It was a big shock, really sad news when Keyakizaka46 Nagahama Neru kiss 2shoot leaks all over the internet.

In the end of 2015,

A photo of Neru's kiss leaked over the internet, and it said that the boy on that photo is Nagahama Neru's Boyfriend.


I just cannot believe it,

"What the hell is going on here?"

It was so fast for something like this, come on man!

She just begin her debut on August and then the scandal appear on December (cmiiw)


I feel so complicated that time, so shocking but i am also curious about it.

So that,

I come to several forum like Keyakizaka46 Stage48 forum and the other forum to find out the truth about the rumor,

After all,

Most of the forum said the same thing,

The picture that leaked over the internet is true and not edited or photoshoped.


Let just think positively,

She just a normal girl, alright?

In addition,

Just like any other normal teenager, they date, kiss and post it on social media.

About the picture leaked,


Someone saved those picture from Nagahama Neru Instagram (or any other social media) before she delete it.

Then those person upload it over the internet,

I just don't understand why people do something like that.


You know that..

In this harsh world, no matter what we do.

There is always be, someone who like it and someone do not like it

Just ignore the negative one, and always be positive.

Ok, then..

Let us stop talking about this and move into another topic.

If you want to hear her voice, you can hear Nagahama Neru songs


A solo song (coupling song) from Keyakizaka46 2nd single "Sekai Ni Wa Ai Shika Nai", the title of the song is "Matta Atte Kudasai".


Nagahama Neru become center for "Noriokureta bus", a coupling song from Keyakizaka46 Silent Majority single (1st single).

2. Hirate Yurina (平手友梨奈)


Keyakizaka46 Hirate Yurina also called "Techi" (てち) is my second favorite member.

Keyakizaka46 Techi is the youngest, the coolest and the badass member of the group.

Just watch the Silent Majority MV, and you will know why she is so badass.

I really love her in this MV, i do not mind if she gets more screen time than the other member does.

Her gaze, expression and her powerful aura is awesome for 14 years old kid.

Her intense move, her voice and her short hairstyle makes the MV become so epic.

I should say that;

She is the perfect choice for Keyakizaka46 center


Watching Silent Majority MV makes me more curious about her,


I come to a forum like Hirate Yurina Stage48,

And that is where i found about..

Hirate Yurina brother

I can see that Techi is really close with her brother, she often mention him in several interview.

Like in one of the interview she said that her brother always scolded her because of her short hair,


In Order to overcome that she always eat wakame and hijiki (one of seaweed types).

She said that "it works, it actually grow a little" while laughing. Lol

By the way

Her voice is so mature for 14 years old, just check out Hirate Yurina Songs (solo songs) like "Yamanotesen", "Shibuya Kara PARCO Ga Kieta Hi", and "Jibun No Kitsugi".

3. Watanabe Risa (渡邉理佐)

My next favorite member is Risa Watanabe, also called "Berisa" (べりさ).

She has this cool image, and rarely shown her emotion.


There is this hilarious thing she did, that makes me love her more.


Before we go further,

let me ask you one simple question.

What do you think when a cool girl do a very cute things?


The cuteness are overload.

I am not sure, when this begins.


There is a viral dance video over the internet called "PPAP" by Picotaro.

Everyone do that Pen Pineapple Apple Pen dance,


For me the cutest one is Watanabe Risa PPAP version.

She is so cute in this video,

If you haven't watch the video, just search over the internet.

I do believe the video are still exist somewhere.

Just search with the proper keyword or add Keyakizaka46 in YouTube or other streaming web.

In fact..

There are two Watanabe in this group,

The first is Watanabe Risa and the other one is Watanabe Rika,

Both of them are pretty and also share the same traits like the favorite food, things they hate, and many more.

OK then,

Let us get back to Risa,

She is close friend with Manaka Shida,


They often go together in their private live.

They said that..

This close relationship was begin from the very first audition,

At the Keyakizaka46 Audition, Risa sit next to Manaka

In addition,

There are also Aoi Harada and Oda Nana sit next to them.

Since that audition,

Risa and Manaka keep sitting next to each other, even in the other show they are always putted together.


They become best friend

4. Shida Manaka (志田愛佳)

My next favorite member is Watanabe Risa best friend,

Like i said earlier that Watanabe Risa is close with Manaka Shida, and this two cool duo is called "za-cool".

Shida Manaka "Mona"

Yes, it's her nickname "Mona",

I am not sure where is the name "Mona" come from,

Seems like from "Manaka" to "Monaka" and then it becomes "Mona".(cmiiw)

My first impression of her is totally different with the reality.

I thought that she is just like any other pretty girl that have "my-pace" attitude, a bit lazy to do something and bad at sports.


I am wrong

She is totally different from what i think about

Shida is not lazy, she is one of the most active member for updating her blog.

You can check out Shida Manaka blog

So many interesting post there, but it's all in Japanese Language.


The same thing also goes for sports..

She turns out to be the top 3 fastest runner among the Keyakizaka46 members in the 50m running test..

She is one of the three strongest member in sports with Nana Oda and Berisa.

5. Suzumoto Miyu (鈴本美愉)

Next is Miyu Suzumoto "Kuritarou",

I would say that she is my ideal type for wife


She is pretty and have a good cooking skill like baking cake and make some sweets.

I do believe that..

All of those skill will make whoever becomes her husband and kids happy,

That's why i put her in the last list.

Save the best for the last. Lol

If you want to know more about her and the other members, check out Keyakizaka46 profile in their official site at

Just like in 46G, there is a love-banned rule in this group.


This golden rule makes members starting to like each other,

This is actually bad things,


That is the reality

In Suzumoto's case, she is really in love with Nana Oda,

But Oda Nana love another member that is Yui Kobayashi.


Keyakizaka46 members' relationship is very complicated, besides the three-angle love there is also Manaka Shida - Risa Watanabe couple and a lot more.

That is all my top 5 favorite Keyakizaka46 members right now,

Yes.. right now

Because the more you get in to them the more you will find something new about them.

It is very interesting to follow this group,

What do you think about it?

Who is your K46 favorite member?


Tell me, why do you like her?

Just put the answer in the comment box below.

Thank you for visiting this blog..


  1. Firstly, Risa captured my heart. She's cool and not that chatty, very beautiful and cute at the same time. Second, is Akanen, besides her cute character, she's very responsive and fun, in Keyakitte Kakenai, she's very noticable. The truth is, she's got ideal type of dream wife for me. Third is Kuri Shoujo or Chestnut Girl, Suzumoto reaction queen. Very energetic as well as moodmaker, making her the best companion to have a party with. She's got that strange aura but it's what making her even lovable. Quite literary


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