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What Do You Think When You Hear "Keyakizaka46 Neru Nagahama"?

If we talked about Keyakizaka46 Nagahama Neru (長濱ねる),

We will talked about this cute


Adorable girl from Nagasaki.


You know that

Japanese entertainment industry is really harsh world.

Even though

You are pretty and cute

You cant get in this industry easily


This things goes for Neru as well

At the beginning of her career,

There are so many obstacle stand in the way

One of those are;

The scandal or rumor


This group has this love-ban golden rule

As a result

The members of this groups are not allowed to have a boyfriend


A photo of Neru and her boyfriend leaked over the internet


Just like i said in my previous post,

It was really a sad news when keyakizaka46 Nagahama Neru kiss 2shot leaks over the internet.

I was so shock at that time


This Nagahama Neru kiss photo leaked so fast,

She come to the group in November 2015,


This scandal photo leaked in December 2015. (cmiw)


This Nagahama Neru boyfirend scandal is not the only keyakizaka46 scandal,

Another scandal also leaked


Worse than Neru

Before this Keyakizaka46 group debut

There is another photo of member and her boyfriend leaked

This is bad


So disgusting

I feel so sad about this girl


This member is 17 years old that time


The boyfriend she date is not in the same age

An older one


The boyfriend revealed to be her teacher


What make this so bad and disgusting is the fact that

She is under age


In that photo the boyfriend grab her boobs


So disgusting

An old man do that to an underage girl

Come on man

She just a kids

Can you find a woman in the same age?


This is getting worst because he is a teacher

Teacher should be a good role model for their student

Not like this.

I feel so sad for this girl

I do believe

She will be the one who get blamed


Let us move in to another topic

Do you know that;

Neru is the only member that have double position

She is the member of kanji keyakizaka46 and also member of the underling groups called Hiragana Keyakizaka46.

(*New Update on October 2017 - Neru is now full member of Kanji Keyaki, no double position anymore)

There are currently 12 members of Hiragana Keyaki, including Keyakizaka46 Manafi, Kato Shiho, Memi Kakizaki, Sasaki Mirei, and many more.

Neru is join a bit late late to the group

Some fans called her 1.5 generation of Keyakizaka46


Some other fans correlate her with Akimoto Manatsu (Nogizaka46) and Shinoda Mariko (AKB48)


Manatsu and Shinoda also joined the group late.

Even though

It is different for me

Manatsu pass the final audition but had to postpone entering the group


Mariko was recognized by the fans through a popularity contest and added to the group


In Neru case

She did not attend the final audition


Her parent takes her home before the final audition

I can see that

Her parents are worry about her


Entertainment industry like idol world is a bit difficult

At that time

Neru was so sad

She is crying a lot at home


Locked herself in her room

On the other hand

Her parents feels so sad to see their daughter like that


Her parent talk to Keyaki staff


The staff take her parents to Nogizaka46 concert



That concert made her parents change their mind

They allow Neru to become idol

So that

She join the group as the first Hiragana Keyaki member


Do you know that

Neru and Hirate Yurina Keyakizaka46 are very close friend

Both of them often going together in their private life.

They are often running together at 5 in the morning


Practicing their dance together

I remember Neru once said that

They are going to a restaurant together


Going home using train

On the way home

Techi asleep against her shoulder


She said that

Techi is so adorable


Makes her want to support and protect her no matter what


She also said that

It is her first time feeling like that

Thanks to Techi for inspiring her.


This story is similar to one of the scene on latest keyakizaka46 drama called zenkoku na kankyoutachi

This is a great drama


You can see the real emotion here on this drama

How she really adore Techi

How she feel

It is all here in this drama

You should watch it

In addition

This story of Neru managed by Akimoto sensei into Nagahama neru songs called noriokureta bus.

The lyrics on this song represent her story,


I really love her voice in this song.


There is also another nagahama neru songs (solo song) called mata ate kudasai from the sekai ni wa ai shika nai (2nd single).

In this single

Neru is entering senbatsu for the first time

She should be join senbatsu for the very first single silent majority keyakizaka46


So many things happen


On this second single

She managed to enter senbatsu


There are 2 song lyrics i love the most in this second single

The first one is from sekai ni wa ai shika nai lyrics,


The second one is aozora ga chigau lyrics


You should also check their third single called futari saison



There are a song called dare mo yori tokaku tabe in this single


This is when all hiragana member included on this mv


There is also another good song by hiragana keyaki

The title of the song is called bokutachi wa tsukiateiru

Just check out all of Keyakizaka46 songs

There are so many good and interesting song.


Do not forget

Always support Keyakizaka46

Thank you for visiting this ugly blog.


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