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How Simply Amazing Is Hashimoto Nanami (2017 Update)

Hashimoto Nanami (橋本奈々未) is one of my favorite Nogizaka46 member.

She is one of the most pretty member within the group.

I like her, she is so charismatic with her short hair.

I just don't know why i like girl with a short hair. Lol


If you are new to her, i suggest you to watch her GuruGuru Curtain and Oide Date video.

It was a great video, very entertaining, funny, and lovely video.


That is not the only thing i like about her.
I don't know how to say,


This is all begin from one of the Nogizaka46 TV Show called "Nogizaka Under Construction"


If you don't know,

She is not coming from wealthy family, her family is poor.


There is a scene where she talk about her poor family with Bananaman (the show MC)

This interview should be private


The Nogizaka Under Construction staff aired it to public.

She is very angry that time,

I will be very angry too if it was me.

The things that should keep private, exposed to public.

All media and newspaper talk about it

The whole country know that she become an idol to bring food to the table.

This is what the media write about her,

And the media also write that,

She become an idol to pay her brother tuition.

That was rude man,

Sorry to say, but

Media everywhere in the world always see anything from negative view


That will make more money. Lol

Let just see this in a positive way

Not everyone born in a wealthy family, some of them born poor.


Hashimoto Nanami is born in a poor family


She is working so hard and struggle for her family

She become an idol to bring food to the table and pay her brother tuition.

What is wrong with that?

I didn't see anything wrong


That make me respect her more.


Her parents and brother should not feel ashamed about that,

They should be proud they have her as their family member.

Hashimoto Nanami Graduation

Hashimoto Nanami join Nogizaka46 in 2011 and become the first generation of the group.


5 years later, she decide to graduate from the group.

She said that she want to graduate, retired from the entertainment industry and living a normal life.

It was sad to see her graduate


I think she make a good decision


If you see her in Summer Tour performance,

She looks so pale and tired there.

She also absent for several times due to her health condition.

She have a serious health condition called "Anaphylaxis" and "Pneunomia"

She need to rest.

Showbiz world is exhausting


I do believe that,

If it is not because of her health problem she will not retired from showbiz world.

Hashimoto Nanami announce her graduation on October 19, 2016 at Nogizaka46 "All Night Nippon" radio broadcast.


Her graduation concert held on the first day of "Nogizaka46 5th Year Birthday Live".

The concert was held in Saitama Super Arena on February 20, 2017


February 20 also her birthday, and it was her 24th birthday.


Her graduation song is called "Sayonara No Imi"

This song is Nogizaka46 16th single that release on November 9, 2016.

Even though

She is graduate from the group,

I hope you will always support her and Nogizaka46.

Hashimoto Nanami Stage48


I often come to a forum to find out more information about anything i want to know.


This girl lead me to Hashimoto Nanami Stage48 forum.

That is where i found out about her scandal.

There is photo of Nanami and two boys leaked over the internet.

This photo was taken long time ago before she join Nogizaka46.

She admit it


Said that its just her friends and nothing more than that.


She apologize to the fans through her blog.

She write that, that time she just cosplay and fooling around with the boys.


The fans understand it and not make it bigger.


She also gets a lot of positive feedback from her fans.

I'm so happy that she didn't get in trouble


Hashimoto Nanami fans are all great poeple.

Hashimoto Nanami 2nd Photobook

Nanamin has release 2 photobook right now.

The first photobook called "Yasashi Toge"

This photobook was release on August 28, 2015


Hashimoto Nanami 2nd Photobook title is "2017"

As simple as that "2017", Lol

This photobook release on February 16, 2017


She have these Twitter and Instagram account to promote this photobook.

Just check out this;

Hashimoto Nanami twitter at


Nanami Hashimoto instagram at

Thank you for visiting


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