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6 Things You Should Know About "Once In A Thousand Years Idol" Kanna Hashimoto (2017 Update)

Hashimoto Kanna (橋本 環奈) is Japanese idol and actress.

She become so popular after one of her photo uploaded over the internet.

It is so viral
Everyone praise her on that photo

Praised her natural beauty


Her youthful energy


People said that

She is "beyond angelic"


Another people also said that

She is "once in a thousand years idol"

Rev. from DVL

It is Japanese local idol group based in Fukuoka

This group consists of 13 members (including Kanna Hashimoto) there are:

Motono Kyouka, Furusawa Saki, Takahashi Nanami, Fujimoto Reina,

Chikaraishi Nanami, Hashimoto Yukina, Nishioka Yuna, Kouya Honami,

Imai Hitomi, Washio Miki, Shinomiya Nagisa, and Akiyama Miho

This is the group where Kanna begin her career

She joined the group from the beginning of the group in 2011


On February 6, 2017 the management of the group announce their disbandment


All off their member wishes to pursuing their own path


Stop all of their activity on March 31, 2017

Hashimoto Kanna age

She is so young

She was born on February 3, 1999 in Fukuoka

I really love her

She is so beautiful for her age


She will be more beautiful as she grows older

Kanna Hashimoto height

Her height is 5.0" or about 152cm

Almost the same height with my Nogizaka46 favorite member Saito Asuka and Nanami Hashimoto.
That height would make her so tiny


She is extremely beautiful


Her visuals are extremely stunning

Hashimoto Kanna eyes

Her eyes are amazingly pretty

The color of her eyes are pretty light brown


It is so gorgeous

I do believe that

It will make all girls jealous


Some fans describe it with the word "pools of amber"

Kanna Hashimoto Brother


Kanna Hashimoto have one twin brother


One older brother


She shared a photo of her with her twin brother on twitter

It is taken from their childhood times


It was super cute.


Twins are identical


Kanna Hashimoto are extremely pretty


I just wondering

How handsome is her twin brother? Lol

Kanna Hashimoto Movies

There are a total of 7 movies and 2 drama series


I will only talk about two of them

Assassination Classroom

This is live action adaptation movie from manga and anime

This movie was release on March 21, 2015.

In this movie

Kana become an AI robot "Ritsu"

And also

Student in class 3 E

Class 3 E is not an ordinary classroom

The teacher in this class is an alien called "Koro-sensei" which will be rendered in CG

This is a great movie

You should watch it.

There is also sequel (Assassination Classroom season 2) for this movie called "Assassination Classroom: Graduation"

Still with Kanna as Assassination Classroom Ritsu

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation

This movie is based on novel from Jiro Akagawa

This movie was release on 2016

In this movie

Kanna become high school student "Izumi Hoshi", the leader from small yakuza group.

She kill Yakuza gang who kill her uncle using machine gun


The yakuza group disbanded

This one also great movie.


She also sing the theme song for this movie

That's all for today

Thank you for visiting this ugly blog


Do not forget to keep support Kanna Hashimoto


Follow her social media account below:

Kanna Hashimoto Instagram :

Kanna Hashimoto Twitter:


  1. Instagram is not verified. its a fake account lol. kanna only have twitter

    1. Are you sure?
      It is on Wikipedia
      So, Wiki is lying? Lol


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