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Why Is Maeda Atsuko So Popular?

Atsuko Maeda is Japanese actress and singer

She is an ex member of Japanese idol group AKB48

She join AKB48 in 2005 as the 1st generation

She graduate from the group in 2012

I really love her

She is cute and multi talented

Her singing voice are the best in AKB48 (for me)


Her acting skill also great.

Atsuko Maeda Movies and TV Shows

She has been involved in more than 50 movies, drama and tv shows from 2007 until now.

That is a lot of work for her


This time i will only talk about two of her movies.

Tamako In Moratorium

This movie was release on November 23, 2013 in Japan

And the director is Nobuhiro Yamashita

In this movie,

Atsuko Maeda become "Tamako",an unemployment living university graduate.

She live together with her father

Her father is single parent and run a sport equipment shop.

The genre is comedy and this is a great movie

You should watch it

Seventh Code

This is one of the Kiyoshi Kurosawa best films.

By the way

Talked about this director

I would recommend you to watch another movie directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa called "Journey to the shore".

That is a good movie.


Let's get back to Seventh Code

This movie was release on January 11, 2014.

This is action thriller movie

Talked about Akiko (Atsuko Maeda) who is looking for a person named Matsunaga

She meet Matsunaga in Tokyo


Can not forget him


She travel to Russia (Vladivostok) to find him

It is a great movie


This movie won an award at 8th Rome Film Festival as the best director and the best technical contribution.

Why Is Maeda Atsuko So Popular

She is one of the most popular actress in Japan

To find out how popular she is, just check out her social media account

She have instagram and twitter account

Maeda Atsuko instagram follower is 580k


Maeda Atsuko Twitter follower reach 2,24 Million

That is how popular she is.

Here is her Instagram account


Her twitter account

Please follow and support her.

Maeda Atsuko Graduation

During her time in AKB, Maeda is the face of AKB48

She is one of the most popular AKB48 member


She become the center for most of AKB48 single.


On March 25, 2012 AKB48 held a concert in Saitama Super Arena


She announce her graduation there


She wants to pursue her career as an actress and singer

It was a huge buzz in Japan when she announce her graduation.

Everyone and even all Japanese media talked about it.

Maeda Atsuko Graduation Concert

The AKB48 Tokyo Dome 2012 concert is Maeda Atsuko graduation concert.

This concert was held in Tokyo Dome on August 27, 2012


This concert was streamed live on YouTube

Her graduation song is "Yume No Kawa"

I really love this song

Maeda Atsuko singing voice are so great.


I also love the Yume No Kawa Lyrics

That is all for today

Thank you for visiting this ugly blog.


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