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AKB48 52nd Single Teacher Teacher, This Is The Time For "Once In 20 Thousand Years Idol" To Shine

Teacher Teacher / AKB48

Some fans think that this single was release so fast,

AKB48 just release "Jabaja" on March 14, 2018.

And then,

They announce that they will release another single a week after.

What is going on here?

Looks like Aki-P is working so hard. Lol


If we look at it carefully,

This single release schedule is normal.

Almost the same time with last year single announcement.

As you know,

Last year,

AKB48 announce their single on March 20, 2017.

Tsubasa wa Iranai senbatsu was announced on March 21st (two weeks after Kimi wa Melody was released) and Negaigoto no Mochigusare was announced on March 20th (FIVE days after Shoot Sign was released)


What makes it felt so fast is..

The fact that the promotion for "Jabaja" is a bit late.

Jabaja was reveal less than a month before the release date,

And then,

AKB48 announce new single senbatsu a week after release.

That is so fast,
Teacher Teacher / AKB48

There is not much live performance for Jabaja.


This single was announce on SHOWROOM.


This thing surprise me the most.

Why Showroom?

Don't you have any better time to announce it at concert or event?


You are too busy with your new program like "WIP" and "Produce48"?

Akb48 Teacher Teacher Center

Every AKB48 single have a center,

If we talked about the center,

Whoever will be the center,

Fans will always make a drama about it.


This drama is so much fun to watch. Lol
Teacher Teacher / AKB48

This single was announce at the same day as sakura birthday.

Most fans will say that,

Because this is Sakura's day,

The center should be Sakura.

She will be the solo center for this single.


She dont have any good things after her last ssk,

She only break her kennin position.


I do not mind whoever the center,


If we compare to AKB48 rival

I do hope they put Renachi or Annin for center,

Renachi would be fine,

Since Annin is busy with her filming in Mexico


We now that Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 member are pretty.


Renachi would be good rival in beauty.
Teacher Teacher / AKB48

This is just my opinion,


I do believe that,

Whoever become the center,

This single will sell,

Because this single is tied with SSK. Lol

Akb48 Teacher Teacher Senbatsu


The announcement day has come,

There are 28 senbatsu member in this single


The Center is "once in 20 thousand years idol" Oguri Yui.

This is the time for her to shine more.

She have that potential to become center,


She is young,


Will be the future of AKB48,

She could be mayuyu successor

She deserve the center position.

Jurina and sakura will flank Yuiyui.

Teacher Teacher / AKB48
That will be great,

I just do not get it


Naachan pushed to second row.

She just become the center for the previous single.

Did the management want to forget about her? Lol

Akb48 Teacher Teacher Lyrics

If we talked about the lyrics,

I am try listening the song and figure out the meaning of the lyric.

Just search it over the internet,

You can find the lyrics there.

Teacher Teacher / AKB48

For me

This song is overtly sexual,


That is just my opinion.

Everyone have their own interpretation.

Just tell me what you think about the lyrics on the comment box below this post.

Akb48 Teacher Teacher MV

AKB48 just release the mv for this single,

In case, you have not watched it,

Here is the mv

Have you watch it?

What do you think about it?

As for me,

Yui is a good center for this mv,

I have to say that

Yukirin is so gorgeous in this mv

Okabe rin performance is great

She looks stunning


Sakura is as pretty as always.

Overall, this mv is god


The scenes with the youngest members all wet. Lol

Did you notice it, at 1:26 they should be singing the first chorus not the second.


The rotating mountain scene is a bit strange,

It will be better if it move slower.


That is not a bad thing

The song and the dance are good

The music is catchy,
Teacher Teacher / AKB48

I think it is more to kpop than jpop.


That is just what i think

I do not know,


It is related to their latest program with Korean entertainment


The management want to match it with Korean market.


That is just my opinion.
Teacher Teacher / AKB48


Since the music is catchy,

I hope the management will make dance version for this single,

Or maybe,

Drama version

Where yuiyui seduce her teacher. Lol
By the way

Thank you for visiting this ugly blog.


  1. The choreographer of the dance is a k-pop choreographer.
    I don't think it will appeal well in Korea. The lyrics is crazy.


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