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Any Sayumi Michishige Fans? Or Morning Musume Fans?

Sayumi Michisige is former member of Japanese idol group Morning Musume.
Some people said that,
She is Morning Musume legend,
She is one of my favorite Morning Musume member,
I really love her,
She is so cute and adorable.
She is known for her trademark called "Usa-chan Peace".
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I Kinda Love This Angerme Youtube Music Video, Your Though?

Angerme "Ups And Downs"
This song is coming from Angerme 19th single "七転び八起き/臥薪嘗胆/魔法使いサリー"(Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shōtan / Mahō Tsukai Sarī)


The official English title for this single is "Ups and Downs / Extreme Hardships / Sally the Witch".

This single was release on July 22, 2015, with 6 different edition (3 regular and 3 limited edition)

There are 3 songs in this single,

All of them are great song


How Simply Amazing Is Hashimoto Nanami (2017 Update)

Hashimoto Nanami (橋本奈々未) is one of my favorite Nogizaka46 member.

She is one of the most pretty member within the group.

I like her, she is so charismatic with her short hair.

I just don't know why i like girl with a short hair. Lol


If you are new to her, i suggest you to watch her GuruGuru Curtain and Oide Date video.

It was a great video, very entertaining, funny, and lovely video.


That is not the only thing i like about her.

Why Is Maeda Atsuko So Popular?

Atsuko Maeda is Japanese actress and singer

She is an ex member of Japanese idol group AKB48

She join AKB48 in 2005 as the 1st generation


5 Random Things About Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito (2017 Update)

Asuka Saito is Japanese actress, model, and also a member of Japanese idol group Nogizaka46.

Saito Asuka is Nogizaka46 1st generation member. She join the group in 2011


6 Things You Should Know About "Once In A Thousand Years Idol" Kanna Hashimoto (2017 Update)

Hashimoto Kanna (橋本 環奈) is Japanese idol and actress.
She become so popular after one of her photo uploaded over the internet.
It is so viral

Top 3 Most Favourite AKB48 Youtube Music Video

1. Heavy Rotation This song was release on August 18, 2010 as the AKB48 17th single.

i really love this song,

the music, lyrics and also the music video.

i love them all

makes me wanna say

"i want you AKB48"